What is the goautodial software and why it’s used?

If you need dialing assistance for your call centre or business, there are several solutions available on the market. The effectiveness with which they meet your requirements is the deciding element. Dialers are utilized to speed up the customer service process because reaching out to your customers intelligently yields more fruitful results.

GOautodial is an open source tool that comes with cutting-edge dialer technology and forward-thinking features to help you get the best possible outcomes. It has all of the tools you'll need to expand your business and keep your current customers. And, because it's hosted in the cloud, the mix of the two creates it a one-of-a-kind communication tool.

Because it includes reaching close to customers and having the brand available at their hands, there will always be a necessity for big adjustments and improvements in the sales sector. Also, to maintain a fast and simplified sales process, it is important should you successfully reach out per client quickly.

In the ever-increasing rivalry to deliver the finest customer service, speeding up the call process becomes critical. To accomplish so, call centre agents will need an inventive way or technology to decrease time wasted during the dialling process.

Although the traditional way of dialling consumer phone numbers using a keypad has long since faded, the necessity for dialer automation still exists. Dialers occasionally dial invalid, busy, or promotional numbers. Such phone numbers eat up a lot of agent time and negate the system's efforts.

There are many distinct dialers on the market; each one has an updated function and gives ease in a different way. A hosted GO autodial dialer is one such dialer that promises to be a full, enterprise-friendly technology for contact centres. The dialer is appropriate for any size business, whether small or medium.

What is the purpose of GOautodial?

Every company desires an active and feature-rich dialing. With its easy web-service and dashboard, GOautodial is likely to benefit practically any organisation.

You can conduct analysis, examine reports, and record calls in addition to making calls. GOautodial is a one-of-a-kind application built with open source technology. Not only that, but GOautodial also offers a hybrid system with predictive dialer, PBX, and inbound ACD capabilities.

GOautodial allows you to remain connected to your clients, market your services, and produce maximum leads, regardless of its sector, size, services or operation,   of your company. This cost-effective solution works well with cloud-based communications and makes sales, promotions, marketing tactics, and technical support more accessible.

GOautodial's Advantages

GOautodial is a hybrid system that controls more than simply calls because it combines IVR,  VOIP, ACD, and PBX. Its feature-rich capability brings tremendous value to your company. GOautodial simplifies call centre operations and helps boost your business' functions, resulting in growth and revenues, from scalability to ROI maximisation.

Here are some of the incredible advantages you can get after implementing GOautodial in your contact centres.

Features for Effective Reporting and Management

Managers may keep an eye on their agents and monitor their performance using the GOautodial hosting. This outgoing dialer is also useful for tracking campaign key data. You may quickly view various levels and rates of sales related and inbound calls using well-organized and sound data.

This dialer makes educated guesses about the flow & length of each call while also keeping track of the agent's idle time. The dialer examines the trends and patterns of diverse customers and callers, from live-call reporting to historical information.

Scalability is maximized.

This functionality solution is intended to prepare your company's operations for future problems. GOautodial hosting allows you to take advantage of its capacity to adjust down or up based on demand.

Its simple implementation demonstrates that it is the best answer for businesses of all sizes. It can be used from any location, including an office, a café, your home, or while being on vacation. With VoIP support, multichannel, WebRTC support, and  softphone, you can simply ensure a solid customer base with the option to adjust with each campaign.

You can also tailor it to the size of your team, from five employees to hundreds or even thousands. You can also use the REST API to combine it with third-party programmes and tools.


The safety of their system's data and protection from third-party attacks are the key concerns of every organization before purchasing a new tech or tool. A SIP gateway and web application are included in the GOautodial hosting package. It protects the system from a variety of threats.

The GOautodial follows all security and data privacy regulations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. If your primary concern while adopting the GOautodial for business call centre system is safety, you need not be concerned. 


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